Mental Health & Fishing
“Fishing is a past time, that evolved into a hobby, Anglers made it a sport”. J 12.05.20
We are always confidential in all sessions on the bank We follow all confidentiality guidelines set out by Social Care Wales A Safeguarding approach will always be used
With purposeful participation, Angling can help a number of cognitive difficulties Using fine motor skills and concentration for longer periods
Being supported next to a lake or any expanse of water, can relax and center the mind Be outside and in the silence, surrounded by beauty
“Suicide is one of the most prolific killers of men between 16 - 35”
Mental health awareness is at the forefront of how we support people to enjoy fishing.
Fishing has proven to help mental health in a number of areas From depression, anxiety, bipolar, ODD, ADHD, autism & cognitive stability.
Fishing can connect people to communities and improve self esteem Meeting new and interesting people, who always invite other to fish with them
We have knowledge of Trauma and Adverse Childhood Experiences. We use the most recent legislation and training to help support Anglers We aim to support all individuals through therapeutic intervention framework
Talking through problems is one of the best ways to support Mental Health We are here there to listen